14 Cups of Coffee

My friend Lisa Francis sent me this link to a collection of “14 Great Coffee Cup Pictures.”

This one, Still Coffee by Geoff Powell, is my favorite:

This picture could never depict my morning cup, however, because I would have chosen a different cookie. These look like store-bought gingersnaps.

I have nothing against gingersnaps. But I do have great love for danishes. And brownies.

(They’re selling these great blueberry danish in the GeDunk right now that look like hands. Soo delicious.)

…On second thought, this picture wouldn’t work nearly as well if there was a giant danish dropped in that cup. We would have to title it “Morning Mess by Jayni Juedes.”

7 responses to “14 Cups of Coffee

  1. stackjg1 05. 2. 11 at 19:44

    i really like this picture as well! and i agree about the cookie…

  2. Mandee 05. 4. 11 at 14:08

    Dude that picture is seriously so rad. I am totally diggin’ it. Plus it looks really delicious 😀

  3. elia 05. 4. 11 at 15:49

    This picture is so sweet! It really makes me want to drink a cup of coffee =]

  4. Brandon Jones 05. 6. 11 at 20:28

    I am an absolute coffee addict, so seeing this is making me go nuts. From a photography standpoint, this picture is unreal!

  5. horvathga1 05. 6. 11 at 21:33

    Maybe I’ll have to check out those danishes. Although I don’t actually like coffee, I wish I did. Danish probably helps that.

  6. Allison Marie 05. 9. 11 at 17:39

    I never knew coffee could be so elegant! The camera loves it, haha. I looked at all of the 14 pictures. They’re really neat!

  7. evranken 05. 11. 11 at 00:11

    This is really cool! This actually makes me want to drink some coffee.

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