Dorm Options: How You Can Avoid (the terrible cafeteria coffee)

 My last post explained why the cafeteria coffee tastes like burnt sludge. This entry aims to outline a few different options that you as a student have to make your own coffee.

Electric Coffee Machines: The basic solution, however, unviable if you live in the dorms (okay if you live in Colonial) because appliances with hotplates are illegal in the dorms. Yes. Your coffeepot could burn MAP down. Obviously.

So what are some other solutions, save buying a latte every day?

French Press: Yes, I’m biased. I love my French Press. It’s such a simple process that creates such delicious coffee. You merely fill the press with as much hot water as coffee you’d like to yield, and add an appropriate amount of grounds. Let sit for a few minutes to brew, push the plunger down, pour and enjoy.

The entire process takes 5-7 minutes if you heat the water with an electric kettle.

One drawback is that you must use  coarsely ground coffee beans. You can often buy beans in bulk at your local grocery store and grind them right there. I recommend Here’s Howe … Café Frangelica beans “taste like cake” as my little sister succinctly stated. Delicious.

Keurig Machine:  allows you to brew one cup at a time with no mess! You merely insert the container of coffee (or cocoa … there’s a large variety) and press a button. After the cup is done brewing, merely flip the top open and the grounds are still contained in the plastic container they come in. Toss this and you’re good to go.

The simplicity and mess-free design are an obvious plus. The downsides are that the machine itself is fairly pricey and you can only use the pre-packaged plastic cups of coffee. Which are also pricey. The machine also makes only one cup at a time: convenient if you only want one cup, worthless if you want two.

Instant coffee: Oh yesss, I said it. Whether it’s the individual plastic-packet type or the tin of “cappuccino goodness” it’s generally disgusting. If you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix, however, all it takes is hot water and a spoon.

9 responses to “Dorm Options: How You Can Avoid (the terrible cafeteria coffee)

  1. evranken 04. 29. 11 at 11:05

    If I was a big coffee drinking I would definitely invest in one of these coffeemakers! I appreciate the pictures too because otherwise I would have no idea what each machine looks like. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hiromi 04. 29. 11 at 13:23

    I love French press, as well! I love how it makes it taste differently – like mild, and rather soft 🙂 Thanks for this post.

  3. karianneirwin920 04. 30. 11 at 17:48

    I know that Starbucks makes a mug that brews the coffee, is that a French press? I would really like to try it sometime. Is it something that you can buy at Walmart or is it more specialized? I really wanted to buy a Keurig before coming to school, but unfortunately couldn’t rationalize spending over $100 on a coffee maker and another $15 or so on the coffee cups… So my $17 Mr. Coffee and I have become very good friends.

    • j 05. 1. 11 at 11:14

      Yes, that’s a french press. I don’t know if you could buy one at the Grove City Walmart (hah!) but no, it’s not a specialty item.

  4. Walter 05. 3. 11 at 23:22

    Junior year, living in Ketler, my coffeemaker was declared contraband. But I agree with you and Hiromi, French press coffee tastes excellent.

  5. brianpell 05. 5. 11 at 14:53

    Being somebody that doesn’t drink coffee, I thought this was very interesting and gives me some insight into the coffee drinker’s world

  6. Rachael 05. 6. 11 at 18:08

    I love French Pressed coffee! I really like the taste, I think it is much richer. My parents just bought a Keurig, and they love it. It is very convenient, since it is just the two of them at home now.

  7. Brandon Jones 05. 6. 11 at 20:32

    I have both a french press and a keurig machine. I love my french press when I want to do a lot of work, or am really tired, but often times I just want a cup and use my keurig. I have avoided paying for the individual pods by investing in this:

    It’s extremely effective, and will save you cost by the cup.

  8. Kristen 05. 7. 11 at 15:30

    I love the Keurig Machine, but unfortunately it’s too expensive to be practical 😦

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